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We are very proud of the testimonials for More Guerrilla Marketing Research and its predecessor Guerrilla Marketing Research.

"The authors have crafted a masterpiece that should be carefully digested by new and seasoned marketing excutives alike. Through interweaving numerous examples of when and where marketing research is appropriate, this book will sharpen your thinking about the important role marketing research should service in your organization. Highly recommended."
James Leight, Co-Editor, Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising
Texas A&M University

"Clearly written, thoughtfully structured and packed full of examples based on 30 plus years experience with America's foremost successful businesses--this book is the manual of how to do it correctly. Read it, study it, put every word into practice...and prosper."
David M. Miller, SVP, Corporate Communications and Strategic Planning
Thornburg Investments, Santa Fe, USA

"I'm not big on academic research for the small business marketer, but I do know that small business owners would be well served if they better understood their clients, prospects and markets. Guerrilla Marketing Research offers lots of ways to do just that without breaking the bank or participating in meaningless busy work. If you are considering launching a new product, brand or service you should get this book first."
John Jantsch, President
Duct Tape Marketing, Kansas City, USA

"A must read for anyone who wants to learn the difference between spending on research and investing in research."
Norman Goldring, President
CPO Direct Marketing, Chicago, USA

"Absolutely sound and fundamental description of how to do it and why, written in a great, conversational style."
Nick Bizony, Partner
Overland Resource, Fortune 500 Consulting Group, Barrington, USA

"I remember thinking research sounded boring. The way it is treated in these pages give it the allure and wonder of rocket science."
Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series

"Marketing Research 101. Everything you want to know about marketing research is in this remarkably easy to read book. Guerrilla Marketing Research is now my Google search engine to every question, from the basics to the more complex. I recommend it heartily."
Hal Levy, President
Hal Levy & Associates Recruiters, Accord, NY USA

"Bob Kaden has captured the essence of the resources I enjoyed at my years at Fortune 500 Companies, but which are no longer available to me as an entrepreneur today. Guerrilla Marketing Research provides the step-by-step methodology that can show you the way points in developing a vision and executing the right strategies. It is an excellent addition to the library of a seasoned or novice marketer."
Robert Islinger, President and CEO
Three Dog Bakery, Inc., Kansas City, USA

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