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Stephen Turner for The Library Journal  

Guerrilla Marketing Research

Kaden follows in the footsteps of Jay Conrad Levenson, whose Guerrilla Marketing books essentially give aspiring marketers with small budgets the wherewithal to market their products or services at a grass-roots level. He also aims to give entrepreneurs and those running small businesses the means to manage their own research initiatives, just as big companies do.

A number of books touch upon the subject, such as Ruth MacNeil's Business-to-Business Market Research, the Harvard Business School's Marketers Toolkit, and Paul Omerod's Why Most Things Fail. All of these books cover much the same ground but don't look at containing costs on market research. Kaden's book does not go nearly as far as it could to describe grass-roots tools, especially much less expensive web-based research or existing research reports that can be bought off-the-shelf.

Still, it's a very good primer on the subject, providing a decent overview of what is most important in market research in straightforward language that nonmarketers can understand. Small collections on marketing should include at least one book that touches upon market research, and this one would be a good choice.

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